What are the new Brief and Follow Up modes in Alexa, Amazon’s Echo ?

Well, many of you might have Amazon’s smart home controlling device installed at your place. So, a formal introduction about Alexa is not really required I guess. But, for those who are not very familiar with what or who is Alexa. Well she is a pleasant woman voice coming out from Amazon’s home controlling device known as Amazon Echo.

In the past few years Alexa has not only become popular among the tech geeks and enthusiast but has made its way into the lives of all other sections of the society. Mostly those busy souls, who are often involved with their busy schedule and would like someone else to take care of the household business like switching off the light or volume up the sound of your music player. For those situations where a person is not always there for your assistance, Alexa just does the job.

Alexa has been given a pleasant voice to communicate with her owners. But, sometimes the all very pleasant voice of Alexa can actually sound a bit irritating or annoying for a number of users. Actually quite a lot of users to be honest. It is not actually her voice that would annoy her users but it is actually the repetitive confirmation that comes back after a certain command has been given by the user that makes it annoying.

Alexa’s Brief Mode

Well for those of you who never liked the affirmation. There is a good news for you. Some of you Alexa user might have already come across this option or Alexa might have pointed it out to you by herself.

The all new Brief Mode introduced in Alexa allows you to execute any operation without having to hear Alexa confirm your command in the end. Instead Alexa will just pleasantly carry out the operation with a more pleasant sound of chimes or beeps as a sign of confirmation for your command. This change in Alexa has been hoped to make the conversations more human like and less robot like.

Alexa’s Follow Up Mode

Also another mode that has been introduced recently is the Follow Up mode. This mode has also been introduced to make conversation with Alexa sound more natural and normal.

As the name suggest the ‘Follow Up mode’ will let Alexa owners to ask multiple follow up questions without having to say the trigger word ” Alexa ” again and again.

The new mode has been designed in such a way that it knows when its being talked to or asked a question and when it is not talked too. This mode or feature should prove to be a big relief to Alexa users who most often have to remain quite after Alexa has been asked a query. Well, those days are gone now. It will sound and seem all natural from now on. Now, all you need to do is end a conversation with a simple “thankyou”. Thus, making it sound all conventional and normal to both the user and Alexa ofcourse !

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