The Top Websites to learn Programming

Programming language without any doubt, can be considered to be the most important language of the 21st century. Why? The reason is pretty simple and obvious. This is the very language that allows us humans to talk to machines. And in this rapid developing world, if you are not picking up with this new language fast then you might find yourself in a fit between the past and the future to come.

Is learning how to program really that important?


Well, as I have already hinted out above. The basic need to learn a language comes out of necessity. Moreover, at the current rate humanity is advancing. It won’t be wrong to assume that machines will be playing a great role in our lives. And thus, learning a new language such as programming would prove to be beneficial. It never harms to learn something new. Right?


Is it difficult to learn programming or programming language?


It all depends on your perception. First, of all if you have to understand the importance of this 21st century language and its potential. Once you understand that, I am pretty sure it will automatically instil in you a fire of interest in this particular language. So, my advice would be first understanding what power this language holds, what it can do for you and then dive into it.


The top 3 websites to learn programming


Today, I am going to list out some of the top Learning Websites which could prove to be helpful in your journey to learn how to program and become a successful programmer. These websites consist of a number of topics which will turn you from a novice into a professional in no time. However, the only thing you need to have is a nice amount of dedication and will to learn.


The very first name to pop up in our list is ‘Udemy’. This is a widely popular online learning website consisting of video lectures, online tests and assignments that not only help students and learners to come across rich materials but also get a better grasp and understanding of concepts.

The website which was founded in the year 2010 by Eren Bali, Oktay Caglar and Gayan Biyani came a very long way since then. Today, it is one of the top online learning platforms giving out courses on topics like HTML, CSS, Java, C Programming to name just a few out of the 100k+ courses available on it. Till date nearly 24 million students have got enrolled throughout various course and have successfully been able to polish their skills both in beginner and professional levels.

Udemy provides courses not only for basic learning purposes but also provides more professional courses to improve job skills for those in search of a better CV.

Lastly, the courses you will find available here will range from totally free ones to paid one varying in price according to the topic and course material. Udemy lets you view the ratings and reviews of a particular course so that you can decide better before enrolling yourself into a particular course according to your interest.

The website comes with a punch line of its own “Learn to Code – for Free”. Yes, over here if you want to learn, how to code. It is totally free. You need not spend a single penny. The free courses or coding classes comprise mainly of 12 major programming languages widely used all over the world which include Java, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL and HTML to name just a few.

Codecademy till date has seen more than 45 million users. And why won’t it? The site provides courses which are both fun and engaging. This not only allows users to learn in a better way but also allow them to use their newly attained skills when and where needed.

If you are looking for a playground and a place to learn programming. Then ‘Code Wars’ is just the place for you. Just as the second part of the name suggest, this website truly offers you a war like gaming experience while learning how to program at the same time.  The website comes with a dark and red techie theme that would make you go all ‘awe’ as soon as you put your first visit to the website.

The learning process is fully based on challenges called “KATA” and the place where you train is called a “dojo”. Thus, giving the learning process a whole warrior and game like perspective that is both addictive and engaging if you ask me.

It lets you choose your journey from a novice knowing nothing to a complete professional skilled master just like that a samurai would have to choose. A concept according to me which is truly applaudable. There are a number of skills you can master out of which a few most popular ones would be C, C++, Crystal, Java, Javascript, PHP and so on. So, if you are a gaming kind of a person then this is the best place for you to pick up some new useful skills.


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