Top Upcoming Smartphone launches of the year 2019

2018 without much to say had been just a crazy tech year for all tech enthusiast. We got to see a number of new innovations and gadgets to make their way into our lives. And when we talk about gadgets, the very first thing that comes into mind are smartphones. Last year, we had seen a number of such smartphones which had put us on our tip toes. One after the other, brands had lined up smart phones better and sleeker than the previous one. In short, last year was just a complete frenzy for the techies and gadgets geekies.

And similarly, this year 2019 is no different. We have been hearing rumours as well as some stories surfing up about some new smart phones which are to show up this year and keep you crunching on your nails once again. So, without any more delay, let us have a glance at all those new comers.


Nokia 9 PureView

Just as the later part of the name suggest, the Nokia 9 PureView comes with an intention to provide you the purest form of photo and video capture experience. And to prove its intention, the Nokia 9 PureView is equipped with a set of five penta-lens camera setup. According to the recent surfaced news and rumours, we can assume it to come with a sleek in-display finger print scanner and a 5.9 inch Quad High Definition OLED Display.

It is said that the Nokia 9 PureView will stick to the previous generation Snapdragon 845 processor for now instead of the whole new Snapdragon 855 processor available. It is expected that the smartphone will come with an internal storage of 128 GB and will be running on 8 GB of RAM.


OnePlus 7

One name which has been making quite the rounds is the OnePlus 7. The reason? Because it is the first of its kind 5G supported handset. And if that is not enough to catch your attention, let me add in a bit more. The handset is expected to come with a display size of 6.4 inches and a screen resolution of 1080 x 2280 pixels. The device runs on Kyro 485 processor and is said to come with 6 GB of RAM. Additionally, the battery is expected to be around 4000 mAh. And last but not the least, the smart phone is said to be equipped with a 24 MP rear camera and a 12 MP front camera.


Honor View 20

Like OnePlus 7, the Honor View 20 has too brought something for the first time. The handset comes with a 48 MP AI supported rear camera which is sure to give one whole of an experience while capturing videos and pictures. The smartphone comes with a 6.4-inch full view display and a front camera of 25 MP. It is said to run on the Kirin 980 processor supported by 8GB of RAM.

Like the OnePlus 7, it too has a 4000 mAh Super Charging battery cell which is sure to make charging your smartphone battery quick and easy.


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