Top 3 Tech Tools For Making a Successful Entrepreneur 2019

An Entrepreneur’s life, be it just someone who is working on a small-scale project or someone who owns and runs a huge multi-billion-dollar company is always busy, busy and busy. There is just no escape to it. An entrepreneur just can’t escape this fate of his or her profession.

An Entrepreneur has to play multiple roles while carrying out a business or service. One, being an entrepreneur just cannot manage to sit or relax and waste some valuable time in vain. They need to be constantly occupied in the process thinking, innovating and jolting down ideas. And for doing all this, the one vital thing an Entrepreneur is always in need of an wishes for is TIME. Yes, this is factor that just has to be in every new or old entrepreneur’s equation of life. There are other factors too which help an entrepreneur become more productive and rise. We will discuss them as we go down our list today of “The Tech Tools for an Entrepreneur to succeed”.

In this extra competitive world, to have all the help you can get is always better. Now, it is quite obvious that not everyone can hire a personal assistance for their selves to manage schedules, remind of important meet-ups, maintain records or manage time to carry out important operations in a business.

So, what you do then?

The answer. You obviously take help of technology. Now, technology comes in many different shapes, sizes and types. But, the one which is the easiest to find and easy to carry around are apps. Apps be it in your Laptop or your mobile handsets are a great way to boost up your performance and productivity if used properly. And at times if you ask me can ever prove to be better than some human PA. Thus, today let us have a look at the “top 3 tech tools and App for Busy Entrepreneurs.”


Top 3 tech tools and apps for Busy Entrepreneurs

  • Pomodoro Time

The very first and foremost vital thing for any entrepreneur to succeed is FOCUS. Without, it there is no job in the world that would yield good results. Focus is nothing but a disciplined mind which is put into concentration in doing one particular job. So, how to achieve focus?

Well, to acquire focus the very fundamental step one must follow or have is the will power. Without this no tool can actually help you out in anyway. Once you are determined that you will make use of your time efficiently and productively. The you can go for the first important tool. i.e. the Pomodoro timer.

A Pomodoro timer is nothing more than simply a timer which is usually set up for a time duration of 25 minutes, during which you must completely be involved in your work and not let any kind of distractions distract you. Once the 25 minutes are done, you can opt for a 5 minutes break and then go back to the same cycle once again.

“Top 5 Pomodoro App”

  • Time Table Planner

The other important thing that is necessary in every entrepreneur’s life is a good and solid TIME TABLE. When you are an entrepreneur, every next day is different than the previous one. Never are two days the same. Most often, when you are an entrepreneur, what you do tomorrow is always decided on what you have done today. So, having a static time table is just out of the question. Thus, to deal with such occasions the best alternative you can opt for would be a Time Table planner app which gives you more versatility and ease of working and changing schedules whenever needed.

“Top 5 Time Table Planner app”

  • Finance Manger

There is just no doubt of what role does money have to play in an entrepreneur’s life, specially when he or she is a newbie. Money is one such thing which an entrepreneur must respect and manage well if he or she wants to succeed in life. Even the slightest savings one does everyday can prove to be very helpful somewhere in future when you need it the most. But, then again like earlier as in case of a Time Table Planner, not always can you note down what you have spent or saved in a piece of paper or book. First of all, it is a lot of work. Second, you waste a lot of time. And third, you never know when you might lose a physical object. Thus, to deal with such events, the very best option to go for is a Finance manger app. It is quick, easy to access and you always have the option for a cloud backup whenever you need it.

“Top 5 Finance Manager app” 

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