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Money is such a thing which, if not managed properly can bring no fruit at all. It always depends on how you manage your money and finance that will decide on how successful you will become. In the past there have been many well written books and examples which describe how one can succeed if one’s finance is managed well and correctly. And how one can achieve nothing if that same finance or money is not treated well and managed properly.

In earlier times every smart person would keep a physical record of his or her expenditures and earnings. Most often these physical records would be some sort of expenditure journal or the other. However, in today’s time when everything is easily small and easily portable. It would not be a good idea to carry a finance journal everywhere you go. Right? Hence, to take care of that the very best alternative you can go for would be a ‘Finance Manger App’.

If you ask me why an app is better than a physical journal, then my answer would be pretty simple. Firstly, it is easily transferable and portable. Secondly, it is easily editable. Lastly, you always have the option to easily create a backup with just a single click.


The Top 3 Finance Manager app 2019


If you are into simple and efficient app, then this would prove the perfect Finance manager app for you. The app comes with a very minimalistic and basic look and interface. Although this may not sound or look very attractive. Still, for someone who would just like to keep records of his or her expenditure and income would find this app really handy. Moreover, the other reason why I think this app really has the potential is its size. Due to the basic looks and interface, this app is just 2.5 MB in size and requires no registration or login of any kind. Also, this app is totally free, so you need not worry about spending an extra dime over it. And lastly, the reason why this app stands out from the rest of the other finance app is because it allows its users to export a tabled copy of all their finance directly in a PDF format file.

For Mac and iOS users, the one allrounder app for managing expenses and finance would be the very popular Quicken app. From tracking your due bills to calculating your net worth to providing you with insights on proper investments, this app covers it all. And since it is one of the most established software of the time. There is just no need of any second thoughts regarding the app’s capability. There are also a few other additional features like automatic bill payment, debt tracking and even track and calculate your total net worth by looking at your assets and other information. Hence, making it an all in one finance manger app. The price of the app starts from $34.99 and may vary according to the extra features included.

If you are a Windows user like me, then my recommendation would be the MoneyPoint app. This free app takes care of all your persona, business and other kinds of expense all at once. The app unlike the Quicken app does not pay bills or keep track of your bank accounts, but simply works according to the data you feed it. And due to this reason, the app works completely independent without having to rely on any kind of internet connectivity of some kind. The app lets your password protect your financial information, giving you full privacy and security. With the help of the MoneyPoint app you have the ability to schedule reminders for bill payments as well as be able to directly import all data in Excel and CSV format. Moreover, you can create multiple categories of expense and income giving you the freedom to separate your personal finance information with your business finance data and others.

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