The Top 5 Pomodoro App 2019

In today’s article we will discuss in detail about some of the top Pomodoro Apps which will help greatly increase your productivity and help you focus better in a single task, one at a time. So, before we further go into discussing about our top 5 Pomodoro apps. Let us first have a look at what the Pomodoro Technique actually is and how does it work. Knowing about the working of the Pomodoro technique will not only help you on how to use the Pomodoro apps but will at the same time help you to approach using it in the correct manner. If you already know about the Pomodoro technique then feel free to skip the next section.

What is Pomodoro Technique?


I will try to explain the Pomodoro Technique in the shortest and simplest way possible here. In this technique you will first of need to have a timer, a note book (POMODORO JOURNAL) to mark your intervals and finally a little bit of will power. Once all these things are there, we can follow the steps to carry out the Pomodoro Technique.

  1. Firstly, we will need to prepare a to-do list and list down all the tasks which are needed to be completed on that day.
  2. Next, we take a timer and set it to 25 minutes which is the conventional duration for the Pomodoro technique.
  3. Once, the time is set then start working on the particular task till the 25 minutes duration is up.
  4. After the 25 minutes are over, put a mark on your pomodoro journal and take a small break for about 5 minutes. During this break you can listen to a soothing music or meditate for a while.
  5. Then once the break is over, start working on the task again and repeat the whole process again from step 2 to 5.
  6. Lastly, after 4 pomodoros, take a break for about 15 to 20 minutes depending on your needs and then go back to repeating the entire process once again.

It is advised that you repeat the entire process until a particular task is completed.

Now, that we have seen how to go on about implementing the Pomodoro Technique. Let us next have a look at some top Pomodoro apps which saves you from the burden of getting hold of a journal, marking with a pen, etc.


Top 5 Free Pomodoro App


This is the best Pomodoro app for a Windows system. So, if you have a Windows PC or laptop that you often work on, then this is the perfect app for you. The app has a very clean and user-friendly interface which I am sure you will fall in love at first sight. The app is designed and built on the very working principle of the conventional Pomodoro technique. There are 4 sessions of 25 minutes each. After a single session you get a 5 minutes break and at the end of all the 4 sessions you can take a long break. You can also change the session timings and break timings by going to the app settings. Hence, you have the ability to customize the app timing according to your need.

For Mac and iOS users, there is just as better and as similar an app like Focus 10. Just as the name suggest, this app is a must if you need to be completely focused and involved in your work. The Be Focused app like any other Mac and iOS app has been designed to give the very best experience to its users. Moreover, the other good thing about this app is that it is not just limited to Pomodoro only. But, has a to-do task list too which works together with Pomodoro timer to give you a more systematic and well-defined working experience.

If you are not into app downloads and installation, then this is the perfect Pomodoro timer for you. This unlike our previous Pomodoro timers is no app but simply a web page. Yes, and since it is a web page, you are free to open and use it anytime and on any device you want. The only thing you require however is a web browser installed in that particular device and an internet connection.

Also, if you have a GitHub account or a Twitter account than you can simply log in to it and record your completed Pomodoro tasks to share and boast among your friends and families. This feature at times can really help one stay motivated and going.

This app unlike the other apps in our list is quite unique and different. The reason is that instead of just setting up a timer, the app lets you get a more responsible feeling to the task at hand. How? Well, when ever you start a new task. You are asked to plant a tree. Not literally, but inside the app. Then, following the basic Pomodoro technique a timer is set on and the tree grows until you stay focused on your work for the given time duration. After which the tree lives. However, if you decide to open up another app on your android device and get distracted. The tree will automatically die. This ingenious concept is followed properly really helps one stay focused if you ask all its users.

With the Engross app, you will want to stay engrossed. The app comes in a very sleek and classy user interface. This app is perfect if you are looking for an app which tracks your improvement, keeps you organised and keeps you motivated through its various personalized goal features. The app, similar to the Be Focused app we sae earlier is a 2 in 1 app with both Pomodoro timer and a to-do task list inbuilt. This allows you to record and keep track of all your completed tasks and to complete tasks without having to note it down separately.

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