Top 4 technology and gadgets for 2019

If you too are a tech junkie like me, then there is no doubt that you will be wowed as well by these 4 top technology developments and gadgets that are all set to make their way into the year 2019.

When it comes to enhancements and developments in the field of tech and gadgets, there is just no full stop. Each year a number of new gadgets or techs show up which make the previous ones look all old. Similarly, the year 2019 too plans to do the same by bringing to you some of the best enhanced and upgraded gadgets and technology.

Today, we will look into the top 4 such technologies and gadgets that plan to make their way into the coming year 2019.

5G Smartphones


This has been quite an interesting topic, making quite a buzz for the past couple of years. However, this year when OnePlus had made it official that they are looking forward to release the first ever 5G smartphone by May 2019. The buzz took a whole new fuel. Yes, it is hoped that the Oneplus is all set to launch the very first ever 5G smartphone by the end of May next year in UK. Thus, with the release of the Oneplus 5G phones next year, it won’t be wrong to assume and hope that more such 5G phones will show up from various other leading brands.



Wireless laptop chargers


When the concept of wireless charging was first brought into working, it did not seem to be a very good alternative to the conventional charging practice we are used to. But however, with the recent enhancements and developments in technology and science. The power output that these chargers can provide has been considerably increased and made better for charging up devices and gadgets, all which can be done wirelessly.

Although, the charging up of a device wirelessly for the time being is still very much limited to smartphones and other such small device. It is hoped that by 2019, there will also be able wireless chargers widely available for laptop as well in the market. At present the only wireless charger available in the market is DELL’s wireless charging mat – PM3017 which is only compatible with the Dell Latitude 7285.


OLED touchscreen keypads


The cool touchscreen keypads and keyboards you must have fantasised after watching an awesome Sci-fi movie is all a reality now. Yes, it is almost time to say GOODBYE to our dear conventional keyboards and keypads, as many brands have already rolled out some eye catching and attractive OLED keypads in the market and it is hoped that full-fledged keyboards are also on their way sometime near.

There is already the MacBook Pro from Apple which comes with a sleek looking OLED touch bar, as well as there is the Asus Zenbook which comes with a responsive OLED touchpad. And hence, it can be assumed that a full OLED touchscreen keyboard is also not very far off.



PEBBY ball


If you are both a techie and a pet lover, then this is the perfect gadget for you to add up in your stock in 2019. This is the absolute perfect pet toy for your pet as well as the perfect spy and tracker gadget for you to keep an eye over them.

Leave your pet alone at home is always a difficult job. Specially, when he or she makes that sad and heart wrenching face. Obviously, they make that face because they feel all alone at home when you are not there to play or look after them. But, that won’t be the case anymore when you have this cool PEBBY ball at home. With this ball you can be near your pet whenever you want and play with them whenever you want. If not physically, at least virtually. This PEBBY smart ball comes with a Bark/Nudge notification, Two-way communication feature & Laser cum night view so that you can keep a watch at them at all times. Not only that you can also share your pet’s cutest and crazy moments with your friends and family.


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