Top 4 free Blogging tools for beginners

After going through the second tutorial in the series on “ How to choose the perfect Niche Blog ” I hope you have got a pretty better understanding of the importance of Niche selection and how to come up with a better and profitable Niche for your Blog.

Today’s tutorial however will be an expansion of the previous tutorial. So if you have not gone through the previous tutorial. I would suggest you go through it once, to help you set up your mind perfectly for this tutorial.

The article on ” How to choose the perfect Niche Blog ” may be looked at as an introduction and a type of preparation your mind needs to understand the practical techniques more better.

Today, I ll be explaining this step by step guide on how to use each of the tools mentioned on the previous guide of our current series.

So without any further delay let’s get back to business.

Let us just name the 4 free Blogging tools that will help you throughout your Blogging lifetime.



Google and other Search Engines

Well it might look and sound a bit weird, why I counted Google as a Blogging tool. But, unknowingly Google is the very basic of any tool you can lay your hands on for free. Not only Google but all other Search Engines as listed below can be used for the same purpose.

Today, I have only used Google in my guide as it is the most popular and widely used Search Engine all over. But all the above search engines have their own very unique characteristics and one can give you an extra mile over the other.

The basic principle of using the Search Engines as tools is all the same. The difference is just on the characteristics of each search engine that makes it unique than the rest. To make it clear let us just take two examples of the search engine Webopedia and Duck Duck Go.

Where on one hand Webopedia is a search engine designed mainly for tech related searches whereas on the other hand Duck Duck Go is a search engine that provides discretion. And when I say discretion and privacy I mean the users mentality of Duck Duck Go will be mainly those who do not like to compromise their privacy. So they can be very well those who view 18 plus materials or some hi-tech information. Thus, letting you know what they want and how to target them with better information you have to provide.

So how to use Google for Blogging


The very first step is that you must be able to spot minor differences and details very well. Let us take a topic for example. Recently the most trending and hot topic is that of cryptocurrency.

We will do a google search on the word ‘ Cryptocurrency


Now when we go down the SERP you will find other such related topics or words. What they say is very simple. It means people who have searched for the word cryptocurrency may also have searched for the terms given here. Thus, providing you with a whole lot of topics you can select from.

Also a very fun thing to notice and use, is the top stories provided by Google and other such similar Search Engines. You can straight away spot the top trending and top searched topics. This is thus the treasure of your Blogging career. How you use it depends upon you.

Cryptocurrency google search

For instance, we can see that Centralized Crptocurrency is one of the top stories for the day. So if you have the knowledge or your Blog is a news article which needs to be feeded with the current feeds. Then the topic you see their is one of the best topic you can work on for that day and publish a post related to that topic on your own blog.

Also when a topic is at trend it usually takes 4 to 6 days to fade. So the faster you can do something about it to help rank your Blog in SERP the more better.

Thus, this is how Google and the other cool Search Engines help you come up with the top trending and profitable topics at the current time.

Keywords Planner

Well to rank a page in SERP, the keywords being used in a post plays a very vital role in contriuting to the ranking factor of that page or post. Keywords are the main parameters on the basis of which bots used by the search engines can rank a particular page on the SERP.

But, it should not be mistaken that the more keywords you will use in your post the more it will climb up the Search results. This is one of the very common and dangerous misconceptions made by the young bloggers. There are a lot of factors that let bots rank a page upto the top. From the quality of a post, to the loading speed of a page, to the linking of the page and many more. You will come to know about all these as we go further down the Series “ How to start your Blogging career ?

For now you can use to decide on what topic headings or keywords will help you boost up your ranking on the SERPs.

There are many Keyword Planners in the market. But, the three most easy and amazing free tools for Keyword Planning are :

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Keyword Everywhere
  • Keyword Keg
  • Quora

Today I ll be using and demonstarting a guide on how to use Keyword Everywhere as I find it one of the most easy to use and beneficial tools of them all. The basic principle is the same so you can feel free to try out the other two free tools on your own. We will be making use of the other two tools two in our tutorials to come in this series. But, that is no reason you can experiment on them on your own. They don’w pay a dime and there is just no risk.


Now Keyword Everywhere is an extension tool you can find for both google and mozilla browsers. Thus, making your life more simpler than ever.

After installing and adding this extension to your Internet Browser, the only thing you need to do next is search for a keyword you are interested.

You can clearly see above under the search bar that for the word ‘ cryptocurrency ‘, the volume searched per month and the CPC of that particular word and also the competition. Thus, giving you enough information you will need to start working on your desired keyword and topic.

Also when you go down the search result page you will see the same listed besides the related topics giving you an addition information all together.


Google Trends

As the name suggest. It is all that is trending currently in the day to day life of people. It lists you all the most searched and trending topics of your required timeline. Be it in the past for analysis purposes or the current trends for coming up with good blog ideas. You ll be getting a lot of help while deciding on what topic to go next with the help of this amazing free tool.

google trends

You can simply log into Google Trends with the help of your gmail account. After that it is just how well you use it to your advantage.

For example, if you are targetting viewers or potential customers from a specific country than you can look down the region section in the right side and select the desired country to know what is hot and trending in that particular region.

Otherwise, if you are just searching for a general topic related to your Blog Niche. You can simply select your desired category from the drop down menu under category list besides country list as shown.

Thus, with a little mixing and analysis you will be able to come up with many ideas and topics to start your work on and get good results for the amount of energy and time you have spent in it.


Although quora is mainly used for social marketing and traffic generation, we will be only talking about Quora according to Niche selection and topic or idea generation and selection. Quora as many of you might know is an online portal or site where people’s quries are answered by professionals and other peers.

This lovely site may be looked upon as the know to all treasure comprising of various questions and answers common to and asked for everyone and by everyone.

Thus, quora however can be used like a tool to decide on the names of topics or come up with new ideas, when it comes to creating a blog post for your Blog.

You simply need to log into quora. You can either make an account or simply log into it and ask your desired question and there will be hundreds of answers and feedbacks related to that particular keyword. But, in this case it is better if you have a more specific collection of keyword rather than just a single general word as shown below.

As you can see from the above picture. For the keyword ‘ Cryptocurrencies ‘, there are hundreds of related feeds under cryptocurrencies. And if you look to the left you can see the number of followers following the particular topic.

Thus, in this way with the help of quora you can make a better decision at deciding and coming up with a better topic for your Blog posts in the present as well as the future.

And the more practice you have, the more polishing you have, the better you will get at coming up with good, trendy and catching topic headings.

An extra tip

Sometimes while coming up with a topic heading, it is always a better idea to place yourself in your viewers shoes. Imagine how or what they would write to find your articles over the Internet.

Let us just say, there is a teen girl who want’s to look for the top trending shoes or brands that she can go for.

Now depending upon her mindset and thinking, what is the best line you can come up with that you think she might enter in the search results.

There are a number of possibilities.

  • top shoes for girls.
  • top shoes for 18 years old girls.
  • What shoes are good for 18 years old girl
  • how to decide what kind of shoes I want

Be it any question it just depends on how good and precise your imagination power is or how well do you know how the human minds work. And, personally I think my examples for the girl are not really what an 18 year old would search for. So I would advise not to go for some lame examples as such. You can do a much better job than that.

Hence, I hope all of you give these techniques and methods some time to seep in your brain and practice the above techniques for a while before going in to the next topic in this current series.

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