5G is Here

Things to know of 5G and all its Ups & Downs

There was once when 1G was the whole new thing. Then came 2G, then 3G and at last we had 4G. But, there is never an end to technology as tech is something that will always keep on climbing up the ladders of development. And similarly as in the case of networks, there is a new lad in town. You guessed it right ‘The 5G network ‘.

Although the 5G concept has been there for quite a while. It is not until recently that countries like China and the U.S. have stepped up on the gear to bring this network and its potential applications to people’s household and everyday life.

Even though countries like China are making a faster and bold approach to bring in the 5G network into work. Countries like the U.S. are taking up a more stable and patchy approach to it and why not since there is an old saying “With great power comes great responsibility”. 5G like any other new technology has its own pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages and its own gains and risks.

Hence, let us look into what the whole new 5G network has in store for us.

Firstly, let us understand what 5G actually is. In simple terms 5G is nothing but a more enhanced and faster standard of cellular mobile communications with high data rate, reduced latency, cost reduction and most importantly massive device connectivity.

Basically when you talk about 5G the most important advantage that it brings to the table is its ability to be able to connect everything to the internet and to you. And by everything I mean everything. With 5G humans will just be one step closer in achieving ‘The internet of things’, which gives you the ability to control everything from house systems to your car to your house appliances and devices, all at once. Thus, it is that key which will let you have control over everything around you at the tip of your fingers. But, then again with great power comes great responsibility which can also be interpreted as with greater power comes greater risks.

So, let us now first have a look at what risks this new tech might have which could be not if catastrophic a bit risky or harmful for us.

First of all, due to its really fast transmission speed and connectivity, the amount of data that could be accessed and transmitted is obviously far more than that is possible with the present 4G network connectivity. Thus, when accessing anything over a network is as fast as the blink of an eye, the vulnerability of data and network too is as fast and riskier as that. For hackers it is just the perfect treasure chest to exploit and loot. Since, with faster transmission it is much easier to exploit and gain access to somebody else’s data and information.

Secondly, with 5G networks it is possible that a doctor could virtually be able to carry out a serious urgent operation without being present at the spot. This greatly reduces the risk of losing someone due to time loss caused due to transportation of a patient or a specialist from one part of the world to the other. But, what if there is a slight interference in the network with the help of which such a critical operation is being conducted. This could result in the loss of a life just due to some kind of interference or fault in the network.

Lastly, when it comes to 5G networks, the thing about self-driving cars is always something that goes hand in hand. With faster network and absolutely less latency the fast response time that is needed for self-driving cars is too very easily possible. But, again there is the part where some malicious individual could be able to access and alter the working of the vehicle, due to which there might be disastrous consequences.

So, those are the major risks that the 5G network might have. But then, is there any new tech which does not have their own risks. I guess no.

Thus, let us look at the pros that the 5G brings for us.

Firstly, since the 5G network system mainly works with software defined network, it has the potential to transform the internet. Also, since it will be largely operated on the cloud so when it comes to limiting a data for a user according to its needs is very possible. This greatly decreases the cost of the network for an individual depending upon the data he or she would consume.

Secondly, since it works on the cloud it becomes 100 times faster than the present 4G connection we have. It means that with 5G network you can easily have a 2Hr movie downloaded in just 6 seconds.

Thirdly, with 5G networks the response time with which a device might respond to your command over a network might be less than that of a blink of an eye. Hence, giving your appliances and devices to respond to your commands in real time.

All these perks and cons play an important role in our evolution from 4G to 5G. Thus, it is necessary we are prepared for what is to come and enjoy what it brings to us.

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