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Many of you might have come arcoss the very popular ‘ web content rating’ and ‘news aggregation’ site. But, if you are not familiar with what Reddit is and what it can actually be used for. Then, my dear bloggers you are in luck.

Well, for those of you who are not aware of what Reddit is. It is actually a Social news and media aggregation site. The definition itself should pretty much explain what this site has been created to do. Basically a group of reddit users, most commonly known as redditors rank up a post or rank down a post which has been posted by some individual Redditor. From social posts to trending videos to funny pictures. This website has it all. Currently, the website has more than a billion users visiting the website per day. Thus, there is exactly no doubt that anything that ranks up in this site will actually be viewed or looked for by billions of people there in the Internet. This, gives you just the ‘ OPPORTUNITY ‘ to come up with top trending topics for your Blog’s upcoming posts.

Although, this site is most commonly used for click bait traffics. It can also help you decide the next topic for your upcoming blog posts. Thus, today I ll be walking you through the techniques and methods on “ How to come up with new topics with the help of Reddit posts ? ”

So, without any further delay let us get to business at hand today.


How to choose your Topic from Reddit ?

Well it is always a better option to create a Reddit account first before you decide to search out for topics. Although it is not really necessary to open an account, it is still a good idea to create an account if you want to take full advantage of this cool website later on in the future. In one way or the other you will be using a lot of this website in your Blogging days to come.

So now once you have opened up an account at Reddit, you are all set to go to the next part.

The next part is quite the figuring out part actually. Now once you have gone to the Reddit website, you will see a number of posts. And on the top below the URL bar you will see a number of different categories.


Now, for example sake let us go with the Science category from the different genres above.

After we go into the science section we can see a number of posts listed. Now, it is all upto you how you go about choosing a good topic for your new blog post.

After going through all the articles and posts given above, I finally decided to go with the following article on ” Switching from unhealthy diet lowers depressive symptoms more than social support sessions “. Now since the number of hits or rankings of this particular post is high. Hence, it is quite obvious to believe that people actually would be interested and read something like this or something which is closely related to such a topic.

The most interesting and important thing about reddit is that it gives you a very good idea of what kind of topics might be liked and read by people out there in the Internet. Thus, giving you a number of opportunities to come up with good article topics and content at at the same time.

NOTE : It is not always necessary to go with the highest hits posts all the time. If you come across an article which you think may have potential but have not been presented well on Reddit. Then there is no harm to improve that same content and present it in a way that people will actually like and admire it. As the old saying goes, if you have a good content then you will have a good traffic.

Now, after we have selected a particular topic we want to work on. Go through the selected content itself and read the material thoroughly.

Now, for example the post I selected redirected me to the main article website, which I guess basically is an American news website. So, since the website looked legit. There was less need for me to worry about the authenticity of the content that was hanging up there.

It is quite obvious that people read and had gone thorugh the article. The reason was quite simple. The content they had presented was quite convincing, well researched and well presented. Hence, now in order to take your article to that level you need to put in it the same amount of research and dedication as to that which was put into the article hanging  on the kyma site.

Also, it is a good idea to search for the most organic as well as long tail keywords that the content might have added into it. You can use the help of the various keyword research tools as I have mentioned previously on my earlier tutorial “ The top 4 free blogging tools for begineers ” 


So, once you have come up with some good keywords. It is time to get started with composing your article. You can take reference of the article you have selected from Reddit. Also, in addition to that look out for some other articles which hold the same topics and keywords and are ranking at the top of SERPs. Go through the content of all the top competition of that topic and look for the prime and organic keywords and long tail keywords in the same way using the keyword research tools.


To make it understandable, look at the above snapshot. I have searched for the keywords which according to me might be entered by normal users who would search something like this over the Internet.

The aim here is to search for keywords or long tail keywords which may have a higher search volume rate and low competition. These two parameters are the most important when you need to decide on keywords to be used.

You can try different combination of long tail keywords unitll you have found one which you think would prove to be good and easy to be ranked up the SERPs. Once, you have done that you can go on writing and composing your article.

Thus, with this part of the ” How to Blog Series ? “, we have come to the end of our first section of the Blog Series, which was mainly aimed to help you come up with good headings and topic keywords for your Blog and Niche.

Next on the series I ll be showing you ” How to compose and write a good quality content with the help of organic keywords and long tail keywords. Till then invest some of your time polishing your skills over the keyword research tools and Reddit and other such social sites.

I hope this article was helpful and would have given you a slight insight on how you can use such websites for free to come up with good topics and headings. If you know or are aware of such other tricks, feel free to share with us. Thank You !!!

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