How to start your Blogging career ?

A very heartly hello to all my fellow readers there. I am all thrilled and pleased to bring to you a complete series off.

Blogging from Newbie Me to Pro Me

Here you will find all you will need to start off your journey into the Blogging world. This will a complete series comprising of a 25 days guide to enable you to get a full and thorough knowledge of the Blogging industry and what it needs to make your mark in this fast changing Blogging sea. Although the tides are high here, it only depends on how you are able to let your boat’s sail to catch the wind and use it to your own benefit.

The series will walk you through everything there is you need to know when you are new to blogging. From being a newbie who want’s to start his own blog to becoming a pro who can make his or her blog to become a valuable asset to their life.

It is a 25 days journey, which will be laid out systematically for your convenience. It has been planned and design with keeping in mind that you are completely new to the blogging environment and will try my level best to make you understand the concepts in the most easiest and convenient way possible. Thus, enabling you to make use of all the thricks and methods needed to make one’s blog successful and thrive in the copetitive Internet world.

In blogging it is not about how you get on the top fast. But, how you stay there long. Once you know the secrets to being and maintaining your position on the top it is all happy life than. Although, there is a lot off work and time you will need to put into it. But, i can sure assure you the fruit you will reap will be sweeter than ever.

So before we start on our journey. Let us look into a few things which will help you keep your mind on track and maintain persistence and patience. The two most important things which will help you on the long run.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Blogging ?


Well on this journey we will have no secrets between us. So to first of all tell you the truth about Blogging it is not an easy job as it might look. The preliminary stages are going to be quite messy and hectic. Be it in any niche or topic you decide to blog. But, as you spend more time turning the rocks and discovering new secrets. The journey will only get better and better. And, the most important point to note when you blog is ” You will only grow with time “. So, if you can keep this line inside you head then I am certain and confident that there is not much which can put down your fire to reach the top in Blogging. And hence, just to make this line become such that inspiration that I am talking about I ll be explaining it to you a bit further later on this very article.

But before that let us peek into some of the important and most popular advantages and drawbacks of the Blogging World.

I ll first list out the difficulties and then whould speak of the sweet fruits that come with this Blogging fruit.

Difficulties in Blogging

competition in blogging

Competition is STIFF !!

There is no doubt that competition in bloggin is a neck to neck business. You just cannot ask for more. Since the Internet world is a fast changing world, with millions of changes and upgradation taking place with every second that ticks. But, even in this crowd of competition. If you know when to do what and where to use what, better than the rest. Then it is just a matter of time you will see the changes and results.

Be ready to Invest a Big chunk of yoour TIME !!!

Well there is just no other way around this. In the early stages your Blog you will need to spend a minimum amount of time into your blog. Without this quality time, there is not much you can achieve out of your blog. And the reason I say quality is because it is not just how much time you spend but how much time you invest properly to bring the quality needed to make your blog stand out apart of all the other fellow blogs out there. So just prepare yourself and come up with an efficient schedule to make it possible.

A constant need to ADAPT !!!

Although I kept placed it under a drawback or disadvantage. I would hardly consider it to be one. Firstly, since adapting for us is the most vital and basic object of evolution. And, secondly it ll just keep you on your toes and sharp at all time. There is just no time to rust here. To be more honest you will just get addicted to change after a while. You will always be curious and wild. Just what one needs to keep one’s mind healthy. So it has quite a positive effect on your mind as well. As they say ” Knowledge is Power ” and ” Necessity is the mother of innovation ” The more hurdles you will get the more the mind will come up with new ideas.

Advantages of Blogging or Fruits of Blogging

Advantages and disadvantages of blogging

Well there is just no limitations to the advantages that come with Blogging. If you take some time to think of Blogging. The advantages will just keep on popping up.

And, since we have come up to the advantages section. Now, we can come back to the part off  ” You will only grow with time ” This, single line is enough to sum up all the advantages of blogging.

You will only grow with time


What I am trying to say with the help of this line is that, in blogging it is never about shrinking. But, is always about expanding. From excelling in managing your time to learning new things to earning some extra buck. It just keeps on growing. Once you know where to start and when to start. After that it is just when you want to stop. Blogging not only increases your knowledge base but gives you a rough idea aout everything. This later on also helps you to also make better decisions in life or any other field.

So, there is not much to loose but a lot to earn here. And thus, I ll ask everyone to try it atleast once. Be it for your own personal growth or financial growth.

And with this I ask you to accompany me on my journey on ” Blogging from Newbie Me to Pro Me “.

NOTE : If you have any queries or ideas and valuable counsel on how to make the journey worth while. Feel free to comment and share your views.

Again a very thankyou and hope by the end of this journey we can bring back home a lot of valuable assets.



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