How to Root your Smart Phone in just 1 minute?

Many of you might have come across the term ‘rooting’ when you go on searching for anything related to android and phones over the internet. Well what is rooting? What is it’s purpose? Should one root his or her android device? What advantages and disadvantages does rooting a mobile have?

Today we ll try and answer all these questions that may arise in one’s mind related to ROOTING. And, hence I would be very obliged, if you can sit back and relax while I walk you through all you need to know about ‘ROOTING and it’s PERKS’.

What is Rooting?


In more technical terms, root may be defined as the very first directory in a hierarchy. It is very simple if you come to think about it. It is nothing more than the very first or starting point of anything. That is the reason it is called root.

And, similarly when we are talking about ROOTING a mobile device, mostly android. What we are really saying is that, Rooting a device enables you to have full control of your device. Thus, the name rooting.

Many a times android devices come with their own set of rules and applications which are just a burden most of the times and seem to be very stubborn. When you receive your first android hanset. It comes with a few inbuilt applications of its own. And quite often most of the applications  are not really needed to be completely honest.  They just seem to eat up the extra space which you could actually use it for some other useful apps.

And I am quite sure many of you have this same trouble, where you just cannot get rid off these stubborn inbuilt applications. So, the key to make your life more convenient is ‘ROOTING’.

What rooting does, is not only give you full access to what you can keep or discard of your android device but also boost up your device’s battery life, memory space and much more. It is like you have been freed of all the barriers, that the manufacturers would have instilled upon you.

Although, there are a few drawbacks of rooting which we ll obviously discuss later on in this article. Let us discuss all the very important points why Rooting you device can actually make your life more easy. And after that you will be shown on HOW TO ROOT YOUR ANDROID DEVICE IN JUST 1 MINUTE ?

Pros of Rooting your device


  • Remove Pre-Installed applications
  • Block annoying ads in applications
  • Boost your android’s battery life
  • Boost your android device’s speed
  • Unlock hidden android features
  • Install Incompatible applications

Cons of Rooting your device


  • Corrupting your android OS – Well this can be only counted as a con if you are not careful when you are rooting your device. If something goes wrong while you root your phone than it might lead to corrupting your android OS.
  • Disabled applications – Many a times certain applications do not run on devices which have been rooted. Although the number is very few and mostly they are the apps which are the stubborn ones. Still it is better if you do a little research on which applications you need and cannot compromise before you go on about rooting your device.
  • Invalidating your warranty – Well this is one of the most important reason one can think of to not root his or her device. When your device is still under the warranty period than it is advised not to opt for rooting as it will void your privilages which come under the warranty offered by the company. Once you root a devise when it is still under the warranty period, you will be excluded out of any services made available from the company’s side. Thus, it is better you wait for the warranty to expire before you root your devise.
  • Some security risks – There is a little concern when it comes to security once you root your device. Since, there are no barriers on what applications you can download and the changes you can bring to your devise. It, thus pave the way to security risks such as installation of harmful applications knowingly or unknowingly. So, it is advised after rooting a devise you should only download applications you trust.


Steps to ROOT your Android Phone


NOTE : Before you root your devise, it is necessary that your phone battery is above 30 % and your phone’s warranty has expired.

Today I am going to show you the simplest, fastest and the most safest way to root your devise. And it ll take less than a minute depending upon your internet downloading speed and device speed.


  1. Download the King Root android apk file from King Root official site. This application is a freeware which means that it is totally free. Also it has a large user base which makes it the most trusted rooting application till date. 
  2. Then go to your phone’s settings and go down to the about phone section and click on it.                                                                                                
  3. Go to the About phone section and go and then go to ‘ Build ‘ option and click on it for several times till a notification pops up saying ” You are a developer ” enabling the developer options.
  4. Now go to the developer options and open it.
  5. Go down the list and click on the USB debugging option and press on the ‘OK’ button. You can turn it off after rooting their devise.
  6. Now Install the downloaded application KING ROOT and click on the icon.
  7. Then tap onto try it and then tap on the Android button.

The main advantage of KING ROOT is that it is totally free and safe to use and on top of that it automatically detects the model number and configuration of your phone according to which it roots your device with ease.

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