How to download any Youtube video for free in mp3 format without app installation?

We all like songs and music. And we all like new and trending songs even more. But, most often we just have to go through a lot just to download a piece of track over to your personal device to be later played where ever you want.

As it is obvious that whenever any new song or music gets published, then the very first site to have it would be Youtube. Youtube will just have about any new and trending songs in it. So, there is just no any other place better than Youtube to download your most wanted and desired songs.

However, most of the times in order to download a song or music from Youtube is a huge task in itself.

You would first need a video installer and then you would need a converter to convert your downloaded video file into audio and so on.

But, today I will be showing you a detailed guide on “ How to download any video directly from Youtube in audio format without the need of any fancy software ?

Well the steps are just as simple as playing a video on Youtube, trust me.

Let us start then.

  • Firstly, open up your Browser. You can choose any Internet Browser which ever you are comfortable with. But, I would advise you to use either Google chrome or Mozilla. That would make life a bit easier.
  • Then open up Youtube and browse to the song or music you would like to download.
  • Now, here I would search for some old “ Rolling Stones “ songs.
  • Now, after you have opened up your desired song or music video then go to the following website “ cc ”. Here is where all the magic and converting will take place.
  • Then go back to the Youtube tab where you have browsed your desired song. Now, select the URL address and “ Copy “ it.
  • Once, that is done then go back to the website and paste the following copied URL address on the “ Search “ box and press Enter.
  • Then after the site converts your following video file. It will provide you the audio format of the file. Now, all you need to do is press on the “ Download “ button and let your downloading take place.
  • Voila !!! Your downloading is all done and ready to be played. Open up the folder where you have downloaded your audio file and just play it.


That is it !!! There is just no need to go through all those old long process of downloading and converting. You can simply download a song in its mp3 format in one go from Youtube.


NOTE : When using, all your files will be converted to mp3 format only. So if you want to play it in any other format then in that case you might need to convert it into the desired format before playing in it.

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