Now with App Installs and Built-in Media Player

If you are a Google Files Go app user then there is a good news for you. Recently, there has been some really important updates made to this Google app which has greatly increased its functionality by a large scale. Now the Google Files Go app comes with an integrated built in media player where you can play your videos and audios easily and directly. On the other hand, another feature which has been added to the app is the direct app installation ability it now gives to its users. Yes, you heard it right. Now you can directly and securely install apps from the GO app into your respective devices.

Apart from these two main up-gradations, there are a number of other features like advance browsing feature and faster sharing capabilities which make peer to peer sharing fast and easy even without any internet connection. This feature has turned the GO app into more of a backup file manager.


The inbuilt media player can play most video and audio formats and has some very basic functions like fast forward, backward, play, pause and stop buttons. Moreover this app can also be used as a background music player. This ability will now let you play music directly over the GO app in background while you work and open up other apps. Thus, turning it into a decent background music player as well like your everyday music player.

Previously, the app was only able to help you share files offline by sharing files to nearby people without the need to be connected to the internet. They provided fast, secured and encrypted transfers. Also, the app let you easily back up files on to your cloud storage making it an app ideal for backing up files on cloud. The other cool feature this app has is the automatic space clean up suggestions it gives for cleaning up space which may be taken by unused apps or duplicate and temporary files. And now with the recent changes and updates to the app, it can be said that it is turning into an one ideal app to must have on one’s device. So, why not give it a try and see how it works for you.


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