Considering to buy Xiaomi’s Mi Band 3?

Here is what you should know

After the release of Xiaomi’s Mi Band 3 in India on the 27th of September, there has been some reports by Indian users regarding the band. If you are thinking of getting yourself a brand new Xiaomi Mi Band 3, then there are a few things you might have to consider before making the Rs 1999 costly decision.


Ever since the Mi Band 3 has made its way into the Indian market, there are a number of users who have come up with complains regarding the battery life and sunlight visibility of the device. This fitness tracker although a very cheap bargain have been seen to come with some flaws. Whether the flaws are big or small is up to you to decide after going through the complete article.


Xiaomi’s Mi Bands are said to be one of the cheapest and quality fitness trackers available there in the market today. Xiaomi Mi Band 3’s predecessors have made a very good reputation in the past years with its quality assurance and affordability. But, then why should you consider whether to invest in the recent Mi Band 3. Well the reason is because many users have posted complains about having trouble with the battery life of the device. There are claims that the device only runs for 7  hours after which the battery runs out completely. Although, the company claims that the tracker can go on for 20 days without any issues. Still it cannot deny the fact that the battery life has not stood up to its claims made earlier.


Also, on the other hand the sunlight visibility of the device have been said to be pretty low by many of it’s current users which is to be honest a big worry. As an OLED display is not much of an advantage if you do not get good visibility under sunlight.

Apart from these two issues, there are is not much else to worry about. And when it comes to its features, the Mi Band 3 has made quite a leap. In comparison to its predecessors, the Mi Band 3 comes with a 0.78 inches OLED display having 128 x 80px screen resolution. The battery capacity is said to be of 110mAh compared to the 70mAh as in Mi Band 2. But again there is the battery drainage issue to be considered. Lastly, the device comes with both touch screen and touch key interface rather than only the touch key interface found in the Mi 2 band.




So in the end we are back with that one question whether Mi Band 3 is worth investing on. The simple answer to it is as such. When it comes to the recent upgrades in the Mi Band 3 fitness tracker, it has made quite a huge improvement. Although, when it comes to trusting the battery life and screen resolution provided by the device. It is still advise you give it some time and let Xiaomi come up with a logical explanation and fix these two issues at the earliest. Once that is done, I am pretty sure you can go for the Mi Band 3 fitness tracker without any worries or second thoughts and add it to your gadget collection.

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