The Best TimeTable Planner Apps 2019

Today, in this extra busy world everything needs to be planned earlier. If you want to be successful, you will always need to plan one day ahead or a week ahead, even better a month ahead. Also, not always can you write your plans on a piece of paper or journal. Not only does it eat up a lot of your valuable time but also you need to be extra cautious with the journal when travelling here and there not to lose it or damage it in anyway. And thus, a digital alternative always seems like the best option. It gives you full liberty to make changes when ever you like it, saves you a lot of valuable time and most importantly, there is no risk of losing it as you always have the option to create a backup or simply sync it in multiple devices. Thus, today I bring to you the top 3 Time Table planner apps which will help make your life simple and keep you right on track.


The Top 3 Time Table Planner apps 2019


The reason we are first going with ‘Google Calendar’ is because of its versatility that allows it to run on any platforms. The Google Calendar app is available for both android and iOS platforms. And as for Windows and Mac Operating Systems, one can simply log into his or her Google Calendar straight on any web browser available on the system. Also, like any other Google product, the Google Calendar interface and app too have been designed by keeping in mind the user experience and ease of working. The interface is pretty easy and clean which helps its users to go on creating schedules and marking important dates in a single try. One can create repeating tasks as well as mark in important dates to be notified later. It provides multiple views of dates ad days such as Day, Week, Month, Year and Schedule. And lastly, the one feature that makes this app so easy and efficient would be the ‘synching feature’ that lets you sync the data and information across multiple platforms which have the app installed.

If you are into home screen widgets, then this could prove to be the perfect time table schedule planner app for your android device. If you like to view all your upcoming tasks and events at a same place, then there could be nothing better than the Calendar+ Planner App. This free app comes with a number of rich features like booking appointments, appointment reminders, separate business and office calendar and so on. You can create repetitive tasks to be followed everyday or create a schedule for the entire week.

If you are a person who likes every thing on the same plate, then this is it. Just as the name ‘’ suggest, this is an app which will take care of almost anything related to tasks, reminders, events, calendar and so on. So, what does this app have in store for us. Well first thing first. This app is the perfect to-do list journal where you can add, manage and share tasks with someone you work together. Making it perfect for both personal and professional use. And not just that you can even add levels to tasks according to their priorities and urgency. This greatly helps you to focus on the things that need to be finished first and then get on to things which are less important.

Then, there is the calendar part which like most calendar apps lets mark events, put on reminders and create repetitive tasks to be followed every day. But what is more important is that apart from all these functions, the app combines both the to-do list and calendar together to give you a better understanding of what to do when.



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