3 Simple Steps that can keep you away from Cyber Threats

“With great power, comes great responsibility”. This is one line those lines which most likely you might have come across at some point of time. However, there is a different aspect to it too. According to many wise minds there is also a saying that “With great power, comes greater risks”. And there is just no denial to the fact when it comes to the world of computers and the Internet.

Now obviously, since the Internet is quite an impactful thing of the 21st century, the amount of risks associated with it is also tremendous. Again then, when we talk about risks what is it that we really need to be aware of. The term HACKER, I believe is not very French to anyone living in this present time of ours. If you are a fan of sci-fi movies, then it is quite obvious that you have seen how a hacker sitting somewhere far away in a remote ranch can break into the most secured systems thousands of miles away and make it do anything he or she wants. Well except for not making a PC or laptop dance. A HACKER has the capability to get access to your system, play with your important files, record what ever you speak, look through your web cams and mostly anything you can imagine of is possible through your device.

And no matter what you do or believe, there is no system which is unbreakable or completely safe. There is always a hole, so the false belief that you can stay immune to a HACKER, well it is just a myth.

But, with that said, there are still ways with the help of which you can greatly reduce the chances of getting hacked. And hence, today I will be laying out to you’re the 3 most important or golden rules to stay safe in the CYBER WORLD.


The 3 Golden Rules to stay safe from CYBER THREATS


    The very first and foremost point you should put in your check list is to come up with a secured password. A secured password may be seen as the first line of defence between your system and a hacker. So, you may ask now, how do we know one’s password is secured. Well, to answer that let me first explain how a hacker can get hold of your password. Suppose you have given a password say “Hello” or any such words that can be found in a dictionary of any language. Then a Hacker would just need to run a dictionary attack on your login page and when ever the app which carries out the attack finds the word that matches your password after going through all the words in a dictionary, the app reveals your password to the hacker. So here the most important thing you must keep in mind is to come up with such a password which consist not only of words, but a combination of numbers, words and special characters. The weirder, the better.

  2. Get away from PHISHING  

    Phishing is one of thing you should stay miles away from. It is nothing more than just a fake mail or calls which try to learn about your personal details by posing as a website or service which you are a user off. If the information is given, hackers can use this too break into your account or even your system very easily. To tackle this, when ever you get some suspicious mail or phone calls. Simply mark them as spam or straight away report them.

  3. Never click on everything that Sparkles   

    Just like whatever sparkles are not gold. Similarly, whatever you see on the internet that may look too attractive is not always safe. Hackers quite often use luring apps or links to attract unaware users into their trap which as soon as you click on may automatically install a malicious file into your system. And once such virus gets through the firewall, they may very well have access to your entire system and everything you have or do on it. So, the next time whenever you find something on the Internet or in your mail which is too good to be true, think deep before you click on it.


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