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  • The Top Websites to learn Programming

    Programming language without any doubt, can be considered to be the most important language of the 21st century. Why? The reason is pretty simple and obvious. This is the very language that allows us humans to talk to machines. And in this rapid developing world, if you are not picking up with this new language […] More

  • The Best TimeTable Planner Apps 2019

    Today, in this extra busy world everything needs to be planned earlier. If you want to be successful, you will always need to plan one day ahead or a week ahead, even better a month ahead. Also, not always can you write your plans on a piece of paper or journal. Not only does it […] More

  • The Top Finance Manager App

    Money is such a thing which, if not managed properly can bring no fruit at all. It always depends on how you manage your money and finance that will decide on how successful you will become. In the past there have been many well written books and examples which describe how one can succeed if […] More

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    The Top 5 Pomodoro App 2019

    In today’s article we will discuss in detail about some of the top Pomodoro Apps which will help greatly increase your productivity and help you focus better in a single task, one at a time. So, before we further go into discussing about our top 5 Pomodoro apps. Let us first have a look at […] More

  • JARVISH: The smart helmet of the 21st CENTURY

    If you are a bike enthusiast cum rider cum techie. Then this is the perfect toy for you this year. The all new JARVISH smart helmets are ready and set to be shipped to your door steps by September this year. All you need to do is go to the following website and pre-order one […] More

  • Facebook will track you no matter what

    When it comes to tracking users and their day to day browsing information, the tech giant Facebook is always one step ahead. During the past few months, the company had been making quite the rounds in the news for violating privacy policies of its users by giving out personal information and user data to other […] More

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